5 discussion: buddhism and workplace ethics

Using the article provided that focus on workplace ethics, write a post that focuses on how your own workplace ethics are similar/different to Hinduism’s approach. Remember to be specific, use the articles, as well as examples from your real-life experiences.  

Respondents to posts:  aside from responding specifically to the posts respectfully, the quality of the response is important. Simply commenting on how the post was good, well-written, and offering a positive “good job,” you are expected to interact with the substance of the post–that is considered a quality response. Simple positive statements with no reference to the substance of the post will receive no credit.


“In the Buddism Article on workplace ethics, the author talks about how a Buddist needs to be generous and compassionate. The article also writes, “USA should still focuson compassion and freedom of anger and greed.” This is seen in the workplace as being kind to your peers and being generous in how you help and not a burden for your co-workers. This is similar to my workplace in how we all try to get along. We help each other out when needed and we share tips when we get them. The Buddhist approach as described in the article is an excellent guide in how to guide your ethical system and is becoming widely accepted because they make a lot of sense. 

 Marques, Joan. Making Buddhism Work @ Work: The Transformation of a Religion into a Seasoned Ethical System, June 2012.”

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