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Culture being Expressed

Culture is a vast and continually evolving field, one that helps to define identity, and that finds expression through performance in a variety of forms, including visual art, music, theater, photography, cinema, fashion, and dance.

Culture is Expressed in a Variety of Forms in the Fine Arts

Answer the Followng Questions in 5-7 sentences each.  You must use at least 2 examples from the lessons above in each question.

  1. What is culture and how is it connected to identity?
  2. Can you belong to an Identity but not practice it’s culture?  Explain why someone would make this choice.  What are the positives and negatives of this choice?
  3.  People of Color in the U.S have a hard time connecting to their culture, why do you think this is?  
  4. Are you familiar with art from your culture?  What are some art or entertainment forms that you engage with from your culture(s)?  Why do you think this is important?
  5. In Detail, describe the art of Kehinde Wiley.  
  6. Why is the art of Kehinde Wiley important and how might it be important to black identity in the U.S?
  7. How is Hip Hop connected to black culture?
  8. How are Indigenous/Native American folks using Hip Hop and why?
  9. How is Hip Hop a culture?
  10. Why was Black Panther Important?

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