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Case Study


Without warning Mr. Lee begins to feel sick. is most obvious symptom is a high fever. Within 24 hours, everyone in the Lee household also feels sick and has high temperature. Before long, nearby households have the same experience, many people in the community are now sick.





The local health department would probably call on what type health professional to investigate this situation?




Would the health professional label this situation an epidemic or a pandemic?




If the symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection, list some ways the pathogen could have been transmitted to so many people within a short span of time.




2 page essay, APA style, with intext citation and referrence





Research a disease that has caused a pandemic.  You can choose a historical pandemic or a current pandemic.  Make sure you include the name of the disease and how it is spread, what causes it (bacteria, virus etc.) and the signs and symptoms of the disease.   Lastly discuss what makes it so communicable (what makes/made it spread so easily).


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