Ethics questions singer | Philosophy homework help

Answer all three questions 

1. Is Peter Singer calling for equality between humans and other animals?

If you answer yes, explain why you are wrong – see Singer.

If you answered no, then explain what he is asking of us in terms of our ethical actions toward them.

2. What do you think of our testing – and torture – of other animals for human well being?

What do you think of CAFOs from an expanded utilitarian perspective?

3. Please write a 200 word response to Peter Singer.

Begin your response with one of the following phrases and complete:

A- Peter Singer is out of his mind. His ideas of . . . are irrational because . . .

B- Peter Singer offers a cogent analysis and he calls us to rise up to our higher selves. This is so because. . .

The goal here is for you dig deep in the implications of Singer’s thought for how we treat other animals. Singer makes some people uncomfortable – that’s his job.

watch these videos and use attachments to answer the questions

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