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Your assignment. 

·       PART A:  Ten Vocabulary words.  As you read the text above select 10 vocabulary words (minimum).  You select the words new to you, or words used in a way new to you.  List each word and then a definition that fits the usage of the word.  Look up the definition in an academic dictionary (such as Oxford or Miriam Webster’s New Collegiate, but not Google.)  Then write the definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  Select as many vocabulary words as needed to fill up the requirement of 10.  

·       PART B: Answer the following questions. Do NOT retype the question.  

1.     Write a brief introduction for H.G. Wells?  Explain who he was, when and where he lived, and what he did for the world.  Link (Links to an external site.)

2.     Wells says the following “. . . a steady growth of knowledge and a general clearing up of men’s ideas about the world in which they lived. . . .”  Explain how this growth in knowledge effected other areas of human thought, like politics and popular thought.

3.     Explain the role played by the “private gentleman” in the rise and resurrection of scientific thinking.

4.     Explain how Science rose once in ancient Greece, and again much later in Europe.

5.     What role did the Universities play in the scientific revolution?  Explain in your own words.

6.     What shocking discoveries from the Record of the Rocks contradicted the record of scripture?  How did the religious mind react to Geology? 

7.     Explain the connections between metallurgy, machinery and industry. Does this imply that building some machines requires better science?  Does this mean that better industry depends on better science?  Does this mean that better business depends on science?  Does this mean that better business depends on critical thinking?  How so?

8.     Explain how the revolution in machinery impacted transportation on land.

9.     Explain how the transportation revolution influenced the ability to Administer things.

10.  Outline the revolution in sea transportation.

11.  At what speed did the fastest news travel from London to Paris in 1800?  And in 1851?  How do you account for this revolution in the speed of information?

12.  Explain how the Germans differed from the English and French in their approach to these revolutions, especially at the Universities.

13.  Explain what change in technology made human flight finally possible.

14.  Explain how the change in material knowledge effected agriculture and food production.

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