Module 1 chapter 5 | History homework help

Please view and read the attached file and answer the following questions


Identify the constitutional amendments related to slavery. (See Supplementary Materials Folder in Moodle)

Identify the impact of Dred Scott and the Missouri Compromise of 1820 on slavery.

Define abolition.

Relate equal protection to the 14th Amendment.

Describe the facets of segregation/desegregation and the court cases that had an impact on these concepts (Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. Board of Education, etc.).

Define the types of discrimination: de jure and de facto.

Identify the essential principles and impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Identify the principles that have impacted voters’ rights throughout the course of U.S. history.

Understand the impact of discrimination upon disenfranchised populations.

Identify the essential principles of affirmative action, including the court cases that had an impact on this concept.

Identify the purpose of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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