Mountain bank has $1.875 million in funds that it is allocating to

Mountain Bank has $1.875 million in funds that it is allocating to various types of loans: small-business loans, re-training loans and personal loans. Based on the annual rates of return and the constraints placed on the various loans, the following LP model has been constructed.

Create a spreadsheet model for the LP model provided and find a Solver solution to determine the optimal amount allocated to the small-business loans (S), the amount allocated to re-training loans (R), and the amount allocated to the personal loans (P). Clearly indicate where your answer can be located.

Max  0.07 S + 0.12 R + 0.09 P

Such that, 

S + R + P = 1,875,000

0.6 S -0.4 R – 0.4 P >=  0

R <= 0.6 P 

S, R, P >=0

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