One statistic question | Economics homework help


” A study was performed on a method of purifying nuclear fuel waste. The process involves oxidation in molten salt and tends to produce oxygen bubbles with a rising velocity. To monitor the? process, the researchers collected data on bubble velocity? (measured in meters per? second) for a random sample of 18 ( in attachment) photographic bubble images. These data? (simulated) are reproduced in the accompanying table. When oxygen is inserted into the molten salt at a rate? (called the sparging? rate) of 3.33

times×10 Superscript negative 610?6?, 

the researchers discovered that the true mean bubble rising velocity is 


Complete parts a .
”   a. Conduct a test of hypothesis to determine if the true mean bubble rising velocity for the population from which the sample is selected is 




Q: Find the test statistic and P-value, show me solution. due  0323 18:00 pm. 

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