Organizational behavior essay questions. | Marketing homework help


Essay Section: READ and respond in detail with clear examples or explanations of your response. 


1-  Describe the stages of group development. Provide examples of each stage. 

2- What are 2 types of teams that can typically operate as successful virtual teams? Provide support for your answer. 

3-  Which 2 forms of body language do you use most? Provide examples of how you use them to communicate information. 

4- Describe the concept of active listening. Explain the role it plays in workplace communication. 

5- List 3 ways to improve your negotiation skills and provide an example of how you can use each of the skills on the job. 

6- Which role, if any, do you feel “the grapevine”, “rumor mills” and hearsay play in organizations? Explain your answer. 

7- Compare and contrast programmed and nonprogrammed decisions. Give an example of each type of decision from your experience. 

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