Public relations | Accounting homework help

Locate an article in a trade publication about a public relations campaign that has been conducted in the past 12 months. Refer to the list of PR trade magazines/blogs in your syllabus to start your research. Your campaign must include either social media as one of the tactics OR target a specific audience in the United States (such as a certain gender, race, age group, or sexual orientation–in other words, not a mass audience) OR target a public in another country.

Do the following to complete this assignment:

  • Share a link to your article.
  • Explain how the campaign uses PR.
  • Describe how the campaign meets one of the three criteria listed above.

Your campaign cannot be any of the campaigns you will be analyzing in this module in other assignments.

Note: Make sure that your campaign looks like some of the campaigns found in the textbook. A PR campaign is a planned and orchestrated effort to achieve certain objectives. I would suggest you stay away from one-off’s like a nice PR gesture, the initial response to a crisis, and political campaigns.

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