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Quantitative Research Proposal

This assignment requires the elements of research to produce a logical and sequential representation of a research plan in a short sentence outline form. The research topic you select should be aligned with the overall topic of first-generation college students and resilience. The template for your outline has been provided for you. Select a sub-topic that is aligned with first year college students and resilience and create a quantitative research outline that underscores the research topic you are proposing. You may use additional scholarly sources to support the topic you select to demonstrate a need for the study you are proposing. Leave in the headings and subheadings provided.

You are creating your own subtopic to propose related to first generation college students. That could include anything from first generation college students and their experiences of supporting their own children going to college or first-generation college students and their experiences of feeling like they belong in college. It could focus on first generation college students in the workplace or first-generation college students and likelihood to persist in college. 


Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Research Question(s) and hypotheses

Theoretical Perspective


Type of Research Design

Population, Sample, and Participants

Data Collection Instruments, Variables, and Materials

Methods Continued

Data Collection Procedures

Data Analysis Procedures

Anticipated Ethical Issues

Expected Findings


Follow APA guidelines for all in-text citations and this reference list. [remove these instructions to add your content]

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