Referential paper a | English homework help

Write a 1000 word referential paper in which you compare and contrast two periodical articles that are written on a similar topic.  Choose non-fiction articles and include a copy of each with your paper.   


Suggested format:

     Paragraph 1—summarize and state thesis of essay #1 (100 words maximum)

     Paragraph 2—summarize and state thesis of essay #2 (100 words maximum)

     Paragraph 3—discuss and give examples of the purpose(s) in each essay (expressive, literary,

                             persuasive, referential)

      Paragraph 4—discuss and give examples of the patterns of organization in each essay (narration,

                             description, evaluation, classification, comparison/contrast)

      Paragraph 5—objectively evaluate the essays stating which is better written and explain why (or you         

                              may explain how both are equally well-written).


Since this is a referential paper, you must avoid using first person commentary such as “I think,” “I feel,” etc.

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