Reflection essay | govt 2306 | Houston Community College

Answer following questions:

  1. How do you perceive politics? What would be best description of politics in your own words?

   2. If you changed your perception of politics, describe that change.

  1. Explain and provide examples how do you think politics influence your personal life and on the other side, what are your options, pathways, to influence politics (and your life)?

If politics does not influence your life, provide arguments for such statement. If there is no option or pathways to influence politics, provide argument for such statement.


There is no wrong answer to any of questions above.  

Since these are your thoughts, use your own words! Also, you make decision how many words you need in order to answer those questions.

This is your reflection. Aside your written  communication skills, honesty is the most important requirement!

Submit reflection paper here at Canvas at appropriate assignment folder.

Please pay attention to deadline! 

Good luck!


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