Tamuc mkt521 midterm exam 34762

Question 1.1.In which of the external environments changes usually occur most slowly?(Points : 2)

[removed]Cultural and social environment
[removed]Political and legal environments 

[removed]Resources and objectives of the firm 

[removed]Competitive environment
[removed]Economic and technological environments 


Question 2.2.

Jersey G. wanted to start a decorating business. She identified several possible target markets, but decided to serve a market composed of recently married couples that owned their first home. Jersey appears to be following ____________.

(Points : 2)

[removed]mass marketing
[removed]multiple target market

[removed]combined target market
[removed]single target market

[removed]All of the above.


Question 3.3.MICRO-marketing effectiveness can be measured by ______________. (Points : 2)

[removed]the profits of business firms
[removed]the opinions of intermediaries
[removed]consumer complaints
[removed]attitude research studies

[removed]All of these are good measurements for MICRO-marketing. 


Question 4.4.Mickey and Minnie Jones are preparing to purchase a new car. He currently has a Toyota Camry and she has a Honda Accord. They now have two children under age 5, so they plan to trade in Minnie’s car to purchase a minivan. Mickey and Minnie decided on a Honda Odyssey because Minnie is familiar with Hondas and thinks they are very reliable. In this purchase situation, Mickey and Minnie’s family life cycle stage is a _____________ segmenting dimension, and the benefit Minnie seeks (reliability) is a _____________ segmenting dimension. 
(Points : 2)

[removed]geographic; demographic 

[removed]demographic; behavioral
[removed]geographic; behavioral 

[removed]demographic; geographic
[removed]behavioral; demographic 


Question 5.5.Which of the following observations concerning planning strategies for international markets is false? (Points : 2)

[removed]A marketing manager should know that relying on intuition or personal experience may be misleading.
[removed]A marketing manager should know that understanding local cultural differences is of no real value.
[removed]A marketing manager should know that consumers in a foreign culture are probably bound by some similar cultural forces.
[removed]A marketing manager should involve locals who have a better chance of understanding the interests of customers. 

[removed]A marketing manager should understand that many specific influences do not generalize from one culture to another. 


Question 6.6.A producer of electrical components combined electrical supply wholesalers and manufacturers of electrical equipment into the same market segment, one of several segments it was targeting. Soon it lost the manufacturers’ business to a competitor. It seems that the firm failed to consider the risk of ______________________.

(Points : 2)

[removed]too much aggregating
[removed]insulting the manufacturers by putting them in the same market segment with the wholesalers

[removed]picking market segments based on qualifying dimensions
[removed]selecting market segments that were not substantial

[removed]using too many segmenting dimensions. 


Question 7.7.Which of the following statements best describes the modern view of marketing? (Points : 2)

[removed]The job of marketing is to sell whatever the company is producing.
[removed]Marketing begins with anticipating potential customer needs.

[removed]Marketing should take over production, accounting, and financial services within a firm.
[removed]Marketing is concerned with generating a single exchange between a firm and a customer.

[removed]Production, not marketing, should determine what goods and services are to be developed.


Question 8.8.

From the perspective of macro-marketing, e-commerce specialists CarFax (which provides vehicle history reports) and Cars.com (a website offering auto comparison shopping) have emerged within the auto industry because _______________.

(Points : 2)

[removed]auto manufacturers need to sell direct to consumers
[removed]the market needs competitive rivals to auto dealerships
[removed]the information they provide makes the exchange process between producers and consumers more efficient and effective
[removed]the role of the automotive sales person is becoming obsolete
[removed]consumers live far distances from most automotive plants 


Question 9.9.

A marketing manager should __________________.

(Points : 2)

[removed]know that most consumer complaints do not require a response because the consumer’s dissatisfaction is beyond the control of the firm
[removed]be concerned that many of the complaints that are reported are never resolved
[removed]recognize that many consumers who complain are trouble makers and that not much can or should be done about their complaints
[removed]assume that most customers who are dissatisfied will complain, but that people who are satisfied will be silent
[removed]recognize that a “complaint” box isn’t needed if the firm is really market-oriented in the first place


Question 10.10.When listening to music on the radio, many consumers automatically switch stations when commercials begin to run, and they search until they find another station that is playing music. This tendency is an example of _____________. (Points : 2)

[removed]selective exposure
[removed]selective perception
[removed]selective retention
[removed]selective learning
[removed]selective reception


Question 11.11.Prince wants to design a necklace he would like to give his girlfriend, Charming. Lately though, he has noticed that he is constantly “designing” the piece in his head. At times, he even dreams about the finished work. Prince is probably going through _________ behavior. (Points : 2)



Question 12.12.A marketing analyst for a chicken processor reports that a rising percentage of people are eating chicken because it has less fat than beef. Clearly, this firm’s opportunities may improve with this change in the ______________.
(Points : 2)

[removed]technological environment
[removed]cultural and social environment 

[removed]economic environment
[removed]political and legal environment

[removed]competitive environment 


Question 13.13.The marketing management team for TAMUC Motors brainstormed a variety of solutions to the problem of how to transport people in the world. This process came during the __________ step in the market segmentation process. 
(Points : 2)

[removed]market definition
[removed]approach selection 


Question 14.14.An emphasis on a single country’s interests before everything else is known as __________. (Points : 2)



Question 15.15.When you are “in the market” for a new car, and are considering different brands to purchase, what type of market is involved? (Points : 2)

[removed]Qualifying market
[removed]Generic market
[removed]Determining market
[removed]None of the above are true.


Question 16.16.A national restaurant chain encourages its customers to use its website as a means of providing comments about their experiences at the chain’s locations. This website is one way of measuring _______________. (Points : 2)

[removed]macro-marketing effectiveness
[removed]the effectiveness of competition
[removed]employee empowerment

[removed]micro-marketing effectiveness
[removed]All of these alternatives are correct. 


Question 17.17.Which of the following would be the most difficult task facing a marketing manager?(Points : 2)

[removed]Discover the attitudes of the firm’s target market.
[removed]Create new attitudes toward his or her brand.
[removed]Promote existing attitudes.
[removed]Change existing negative attitudes.
[removed]Strengthen existing positive attitudes. 


Question 18.18.Which of the following statements about marketing is FALSE? 

(Points : 2)

[removed]Marketing affects the products you buy.
[removed]Marketing applies to nonprofit organizations too. 

[removed]Marketing affects the advertising you see and hear.
[removed]Marketing offers many good job opportunities.
[removed]Marketing can help with individual transactions but not in building relationships with customers. 


Question 19.19.Kim, a new salesperson for Basketball Foods, wants to call her ex-boyfriend Chris, another salesperson for Basketball Foods using the company provided cell phone. She is hoping to rekindle their past relationship. However, Kim knows that there is a strict company policy against using company equipment for personal use. But Kim also knows that no one checks the phone log for calls. This relates to __________ as an influence in ethical decision making. (Points : 2)

[removed]individual value system
[removed]organizational relationships
[removed]external punishment


Question 20.20.Good marketing managers know that ________________________. (Points : 2)

[removed]marketing strategies can’t influence consumer “wants”
[removed]marketers can’t create internal drives in consumers
[removed]it is not that difficult to develop a marketing strategy that gets consumers to do what they don’t want to do
[removed]None of these alternatives is correct.
[removed]All of the above are true. 

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