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With your current work team in mind, complete the Assessment of Team Basics Scale (see the article by Russel & Jacobs, pg. 20) which assesses how effectively your group functions as a team. Report on your team’s strengths and areas of improvement. Offer suggestions for improvement. (Complete this assignment individually – do not give this to your team to complete).

Assessment of Team Basics Scale

Use the following guide to score interpret the results:

1-  Strongly Disagree, 2-  Disagree, 3- Neither Agree nor Disagree, 4- Agree, 5-  Strongly Agree

Size –  scores range from 6 (low) – 30 (high). A score above 22 is considered high.

Levels of Complementary Skills – scores range from 5 (low) – 25 (high). A score above 18 is considered high.

Meaningful Purpose – scores range from 7 (low) – 35 (high). A score above 26 is considered high.

Specific Goals – scores range from 8 (low) – 40 (high). A score above 30 is considered high.

Clear Working Approach – scores range from 7 (low) – 35 (high). A score above 26 is considered high.

Sense of Mutual Accountability – scores range from 4 (low) – 20 (high). A score above 15 is considered high.

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