Week 02 – chapter 2 questions

Read chapter 2 (attached) and answer the following question:

1.  Read this chapter’s dilemma, “A Selection Quandary” on page 27. What would you do?

2. What does your employer do to practice corporate social responsibility? 

3. Give an example of how a company might practice corporate sustainability?

4.  Do you have a code of ethics where you work? If so, tell us about it 

5. Why, do you think, that “humiliation and embarrassment” is more effective than legislation to ensure that businesses act ethically?

6. Explain Sir Thomas Moore’s quote, “If virtue were profitable, common sense would make us good and greed would make us saintly.” 

7.  Why is it important that social responsibility is linked to the strategic operations of a business? 

8. Would you consider researching or finding out more about the ethics of an organization prior to accepting a position?

Criteria for answers:

1) Direct reference to the chapter’s laws/regulations (Employment Laws, Case Law, Statutes)
2) Direct reference to the chapter’s concepts (discrimination, ethics, social responsibility)
3) Quotes from the text.
4) Personal opinions based on an analysis of the above.
5) Each answer should be a paragraph (or a minimum of 5-7 sentences long) 


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