Week 6 discussion (data mining)

You should have acquired the Required Text Book for this course by now. After Reading Chapter 8, address the following questions for this week’s discussion. 

Consider the mean of a cluster of objects from a binary transaction data set.

1. What are the minimum and maximum values of the components of the mean?

2. What is the interpretation of components of the cluster mean?

3. Which components most accurately characterize the objects in the cluster?

Please clearly LIST your response out to all THREE (3) questions and ensure to cite the specific article with the binary transaction of data set. I will be examing this for myself and other students should verify this as well. Provide the Author, YYYY  and specific page number, with any content brought into the discussion.

DQ requirement:  I recommend your initial posting to be between 400-to-500 words. All writing, including your initial posts and peer post must use properly formatted APA in-text citations and scholarly reference. NO Copying and Pasting from the Internet. 

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