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Introduction to Personality Theories


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an understanding of personality theories, specifically the five-factor model. Personality theory helps inform psychologists’ approach to understanding brain systems and behavior.

This assignment fulfills/supports:

  • Module Outcome: 1
  • Course Outcome: 2
  • General Education Competencies: 2, 4

The Assignment:

For this Discussion Board, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Review the various trait theories, paying special attention to the Big Five.

Step 2

Choose a fictional character from a book, tv show, or movie. Think about how you would rank that character along each of the components of the five-factor model.

Step 3

In your initial post, thoroughly discuss each of the following:

  1. Give some brief background about the character (no more than one paragraph).
  2. Using the five-factor model (the Big Five), provide two (2) observations for how your character fits EACH factor. For example, if I chose Winnie the Pooh, I would provide two observations about him that explain why I believe he scores high on openness, two observations for why I believe he scores low on conscientiousness, two observations for why I believe he scores low on extroversion, etc. You should have a total of ten (10) observations.
  3. Your initial post should be in essay format—no bullet points.
  4. Back up your observations with information from the textbook; be sure to include information from the textbook to help explain your position. In other words, your explanations should demonstrate your understanding of the five-factor model.

Citing Sources: You must use APA style to reference your source(s) at the end of your submission.  For this assignment, you must include reference information for your textbook and for the article you chose.  Information on how to format reference information in APA style (including a reference generator) can be found on the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) website at: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html (opens in a new window)

Acceptable Length: 300-500 word (minimum) initial post; 2-3 sentence responses to at least THREE classmates.

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